LMS: How to choose your platform?

Today LMS have invaded the eLearning market. Finding the best tool to teach English online activity does not seem easy. Between publisher platforms or open source platforms, here are some useful tips to save your time and help you sort through an abundant market of solutions.

1. Determine your learning and development goals

Before you even begin to explore the market, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you hope to achieve when using such a tool. To choose the platform that best integrates your training ecosystem, it is therefore imperative to keep in mind your pedagogical approach, the expectations of your audience, your internal and organizational skills, the financial challenges of digitizing all or part of your activity. So you will be able to make concrete choices in the choice of a platform.

2. Make the distinction between publisher platform and open source

Before comparing features and costs of LMS, you can make a first choice between publisher LMS and open source LMS. In the first case, the tools evolve according to the roadmap of the company that holds the code and you regularly benefit from new features with secure updates and especially technical support. With an open source LMS, you’re backed by a community of developers / users and you benefit from developments from across the community. Its use requires more extensive computer skills, from installation to daily administration. This type of manipulation is not associated with any guarantee of operation.

3. Check the scope of functionality

Faced with the new requirements of the reform in terms of justification of the required work, new uses and learning modes, the LMS must have standard functionalities and guarantee you an effective digital training device such as ESL platform. In addition to the deployment, the services offered, the commercial offer, be vigilant on the following topics: course management, monitoring and reporting, the variety of activities, collaborative functions and the integration of e-learning standards (standards). These features may in some cases be supplemented by others to create modules and evaluations, track and store the different versions. This is called LCMS.
Crea Learning is the easy-to-use LCMS authoring tool to deploy with Your Agora Learning for complete and detailed content traceability.

4. The place of the your Agora Learning platform

Your Agora Learning LMS is distinguished by:

  • Its multimodal device that allows to manage multiple paths, individual or collective and to associate different learning modalities (online, face-to-face, in virtual classroom, in community with the sharing of resources …)
  • It’s simple, fast and flexible administration
  • An easy-to-use and user-friendly learning platform where you can easily arrange ESL lesson plans.
  • Its monitoring tools allowing a real traceability of the activities and results of the learners as well as tools for tutoring
  • Easy to implement: a simple web browser is needed for administrators and learners

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