Career Opportunities With TEFL In Thailand

Thailand is an excitedly popular teaching English abroad destination for educators seeking TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training in a foreign country. The country is also known as the jewel of Southeast Asia a long with its wonderful backpacker’s paradise locations. If travel, flexibility and freedom are important to your preferences, the TEFL course Thailand is the perfect opportunity for you.

However, we comprehend the fact that we’ve all missed out on a lot of career opportunities and experiences over the last year due to Covid-19.The vaccination process is ongoing and gradually life is getting back to normal nowadays. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to start planning your career as well as the various things you want to accomplish.

Consider teaching English in Thailand in your post-pandemic plans. Do you know you can make a solid income by teaching English in Thailand as a foreign language? Yes, apart from Thailand, you may also explore various TEFL employment opportunities available across Europe and Asia.

Why Teaching English Thailand Is So Popular?

The country has one of the largest ESL/EFL job markets for English instructors with tempting beaches and friendly people. Bangkok, the capital city has boundless access to Western amenities and has a projected population of 10 million. Thailand’s second-biggest city, Chiang Mai also delivers a lot of things to do, for example, it is the home to a lot of delicious northern Thai dishes a long with gorgeous temples. However, if you are an adventurous soul by nature, then also try some fantastic rock climbing and hiking nearby in Chiang Mai.

For Thais, English is being measured as a requirement to work in the international market, so there is always requirement for skilled ESL/EFL teachers. The tiny island of Koh Samui also possesses endless opportunities for sunsets a long with other activities. You may also check Phuket or Krabi for other beach-side destinations. With a low cost of living, incredible food, rich culture and plenty of partying, the Land of Smiles is a very popular country for English educators.

So, How To Grab A Teaching English Job in Thailand?

It is quite easy if you can prove your English fluency, and have a bachelor’s degree (in any subject). As the country’s popularity of teaching English in Thailand is at its peak, go for 120-hour TEFL or TESOL certification.

Please remember, salaries differ significantly depending on the location and employer. Chances for good earning are in Bangkok, followed by Chiang Mai. Teaching English in the cities will produce you the most money, you can expect lower salaries in the countryside, but the cost of living is extremely cheap there.

Let us see where you may get the career opportunity in Thailand —

Public Schools

In public schools, the school year starts in May and ends in March and includes a three-week break in October. Public schools are free from preschool through high school in Thailand. Generally, the student-to-teacher proportion is high, so expect large class sizes in public schools.

Private and International Schools

You can expect a lower student-to-teacher ratio here. Also, you’ll need to be an authentic certified ESL/EFL teacher to get a job in these schools. You may also receive some contract bonuses, lots of vacation days, health insurance, and sometimes airfare to and from Thailand.


Your job responsibilities will be different depending on where you teach. This can help give you an advantage over the competition for other English teaching jobs as well.

Language Institutes

This sector is quite different from teaching English at a public or private school. Sometimes, the workweek at language schools encompasses the weekend. There’s also a choice at language schools to work full- or part-time and jobs are fairly easy to get.

Corporate Training Programs

As a corporate ESL/EFL teacher, you will teach from a company’s office, giving lessons to their staff, basically adult learners. As these programs are quite expensive hence, mostly the positions are filled by instructors with experience.

Test Training

For this area, you need to be educated in the variability of English tests, like SAT or GRE prep, you also need to have finished in the 95th percentile or above, as well as IELTS and TOEIC, both of which are used to test learners before they work or study overseas.

Now, if you ask us, can you make a career out of TEFL, we will say YES.

Letus see how-

If you want you may continue in the teaching sector only. If you enjoy teaching enough, you may stay here for a long! Apart from that, nowadays, several language schools and institutes have senior teacher positions or positions like Young Learner Coordinator or Business English coordinator.

Next, almost every language schools also have a Director of Studies position and it is more of a management role. Director of Studies (DoS) roles are very demanding at present. You may also think about becoming a TEFL teacher trainer or else, you may get involved in ELT publishing sectors. Curriculum designer and teacher recruiter or marketing are also some other demanding career professions.

So, How to Apply For the Thai Visa?

Generally, for the Non-Immigrant B visa (necessary to teach English in Thailand), your school will help you do. You will need –

  • A passport which has validity beyond six months
  • Need to have passport photos for applications
  • Your original bachelor’s degree
  • Transcripts
  • Certified criminal background check

After that, you’ll have to apply for a Thai visa from outside of Thailand with a letter from your employer a long with the job offer. Next, you’ll have to undertake a physical exam for the medical certificate which you will get from a Thai doctor and then you will get your work permit. The last steps are to get your tax card from the Tax Department and then your teaching license.

Concluding Thoughts

Teaching English in Thailand is one of the best ESL/EFL teaching opportunities in the world with the training from the TEFL course Thailand program. However, apart from all the above-mentioned opportunities, teaching English online is also a great option for teaching English enthusiastic at present. The country is a perfect option to start your English teaching career overseas.

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