The Choice for Your Children’s Education is Your Own to Make

Due to how today’s education system is running we have a bigger choice for our child’s educational structure. Whether a parent chooses a home school platform in which they can make a certain curriculum on their own to teach their children or a public online school that has a more scheduled curriculum and allows teacher contact through Skype or telephone, it is up to you the parent or guardian to choose. It is not all about walking to school barefoot in the snow anymore to receive a great education in a brick and mortar building.

This is important because as we should all be aware; every child is not the same. Timmy may be shy and uncomfortable in a classroom with others and so he has limited ability to concentrate. However, your little outgoing Emma may need the full environment to be able to thrive and open her mind to learning. It is better that we have this choice, but some would disagree.

The fact that there are so many opinions about the subject of home school versus brick and mortar drives me absolutely insane. To me, it should not be anyone else’s decision, but a parent’s and the child or children involved. I made the mistake of consorting with family members about my son, and although I’m not one to really take others advice when I’ve already made up my mind, I did ask and the arguments they brought up just made me mad. It wasn’t about if my son would be happier within his environment. It was only about teaching and social interaction in their opinion.

The truth is it must be mainly about the child’s happiness and then sitting down and weighing all options to the situation in front of you that has made you consider it in the first place. After you do that, believe me, you will make the correct decision.

If you like a constant teacher observation better than relying on your own ability to oversee your child’s progress, but still feel like home school may be better for his personality, then you will have to wrestle with your intuitions. However, my advice would be to drop your own concerns, listen to what your child has to say, and make a smart choice no matter what obstacles you think may arise.

Education is important for sure. Even so, it does not have to be the standard form. It doesn’t have to be scheduled to take up a child’s days. I understand if that is what your child likes. Then sure, brick and mortar with plenty of interaction. But again, some personalities will fit a different environment to learn in.

Finally, don’t let the overbearing opinions of others make this important choice for you and your child. You know your child better than anyone else. Take some time to educate your own self about the pros and cons of teaching your child at home versus in a brick and mortar setting. And most importantly, listen to your child’s opinion and only his opinion.

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