Grammar Rules Are Frustrating but They’re Necessary

Many people grew up being taught how to speak proper English. They’re parents or their teacher would correct them every time they used words such as “ain’t” or “can’t”. Adults also remember how much their teachers bugged them about using proper grammatical rules for writing standard English. Grammar might be a frustrating and irritating thing for many people to know. However, without proper grammar rules, people would have a hard time communicating.

Grammar Rules in the 21st Century

Language is always changing. If a language is alive it will constantly remain in a fluid form. Words will always be added to the vocabulary. It will also be necessary to create new meanings for different words that are inserted into modern English. The English language is constantly evolving as well. Hybrid versions of English (such as Spanglish) have their own grammar rules and principles. People all over the planet speak English and its structure is changing as well.

Keep in mind that basic grammar rules must apply to all forms of English. If these rules are not followed, then proper English will not be spoken. Grammar rules in the 21st century is the same as in the past, but they have also changed. Each culture where English is spoken as a second language, this form communication has their own guidelines. There are education reference sites that inform people about how various forms of English have their own grammar standards.

Does the Average Person Really Need Grammar Rules with Modern Writing?

This is a loaded question. Yes, people should always know how to speak and write standard English. However, when a person is communicating on social media or in chat rooms, formal English usually has no bearing on the conversation. A sub form of English is typically used to communicate on social networks. When people have to write in 140 characters or less, this typically causes them to throw many grammar rules out of the window.

This brings up the next point. Most people speak and write to be understood and not to be grammatically correct. Huffington Post also states that most people who do not use grammar correctly are usually overlooked by those who do. Unless a person is doing some type of school related task or trying to get a job, then they usually do not have a real pressing need to speak proper English.

Keep in mind that if people are in business, journalism, reports news stories or works in an information related environment; then grammar rules will be necessary. This is also true for people who work in the education field or in entertainment. Ultimately, everyone should know how to speak basic English, but they do not have to be English majors when it comes to speaking and writing it. Something like Grammarist is an online website that teaches people about the grammar rules for this language.

Grammar Will Always Be an Important Feature of English

Proper grammar goes a long way in mainstream society. Many sub-cultural groups might frown upon it; but schools, businesses and larger society see it as a benefit. Knowing proper English makes a person seem like they are intelligent and educated. Most people really appreciate these qualities paper writer. Learning how to effectively to communicate with good grammar rules will help a person to better succeed in society and in life.

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