5 Amazing Achievements by CSIR – Must Know

5 Amazing Achievements by CSIR - Must Know

When we give our attention towards scientific and industrial research career, we come across to one of the organization – Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. It got established in the year 1942. It contributes to welfare of society advancing the fundamental knowledge. Currently csir is working on the vision of “push the country and country people towards science and technology”. Scroll down to see some of the greatest achievements about which people are not aware. 1. CSIR Supported us in Tsunami If I talk about Tsunami, one thing comes in mind – disaster, lack of food, lack of drinking water and more. CFTRI, Mysore – Provided food to the survivors. About two tones food was sent daily to the survivors. That was the largest food production. CBRI, Roorkee – hurriedly sent a team of scientist to affected areas. NGRI’s Seismological Observatory recorded the earthquake and its after-shocks CSMCRI, Bhavnagar – Provided drinking water. SERC, Chennai – Proposed to survivor in structural assessment of damaged buildings. 2. CSIR Protected Indian Scientific Heritage Everyone heard about 2nd battle of haldighati. It fought in this battle over turmeric patent granted by US patent office and won it. They saved a legacy drug. 3. Drug Development in India by CSIR 11 out of 14 drugs are developed by csir in India. Recently It has announced launch of BGR-34 – country’s first anti-diabetic ayurvedic drug with DPP4 inhibitory Activity. Amul baby food , SARAS and many more products make the India proud. Drugs like Saheli, E-mal, Elubaquin, Promind, Asmon are also a wonder to our nation. 4. CSIR Biosuite – A comprehensive bioinformatics software package BioSuite integrates the functions of macromolecular sequence and structural analysis, cheminformatics and algorithms for aiding drug discovery. The suite organized into four major modules, contains 79 different program. 5. Marine Research at CSIR CSIR is also investigating the oceans. The project ‘Drugs from the Sea’ is funded by Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow. The marine bio-actives (extracts, fractions, isolated compounds and their synthetic analogues) from selected proposals will be evaluated for anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory activities. Rather than this it has also achieved – “Saras” which is a 14-seater twin-engined turboprop aircraft fully pressurized for passenger comfort, Indelible Ink, Swaraj Tractors, Kangra Tea, The Menthol Mint, Leather Technology Mission, Catalyzing Change, GenoMed ,Special Glasses.

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