A Brief Description of Technology and how it has Impacted Education throughout the Years

Technology has always helped people to learn and comprehend. The first technological breakthrough for the classroom was writing utensils such as sticks, rocks and coal. Since that time, educational technology (EdTech) has improved significantly.

Early Technology and Education

The days of old, when people first thought about mass education; most great men of knowledge and learning had their students learn through an oral tradition. However, the need to write things down became apparent. So, sticks were used to write in dirt. This was important because it allowed early man to transmit knowledge and information to their students. However, as time passed; man’s knowledge base grew. Early man began to realize that they did not have to just write in the dirt to transmit ideas.

They found other materials they could use for this purpose. Man began to write on brick, dried mud and any surface that would allow them to transmit their ideas. Even cavemen wrote on the walls of caverns to let people know about their life. Mankind eventually learned how to collect dyes from Earth’s resources to create a variety colors for their writings and drawings. All of these developments allowed humanity to be able to write down their ideas and to be able to store them for future generations.

The Early Learning Explosion

There is an old Biblical word of wisdom that says: “There is nothing new under the sun”. This wise statement comes from a former Hebrew King named Solomon. When it comes to the subject of technology and its influence on education; there truly is nothing that we have today, that was not around in the past.

Did you know that the Chinese people invented an ancient contraption that was similar to the modern-day computer (or calculator)? It was called an abacus and it could compute complex mathematical equations. Ancient people also had books, items that resembled rulers, weights, scales and balances. The Our ICT website also informs us that tech breakthroughs include items such as slide rulers and magic lanterns which were the first projectors in use today.

Educational tech breakthrough started to happen slowly. The Jacquard Loom was considered the first computer from olden times. I know I said the abacus held that position but the Jacquard Loom was similar to the computer we use today. Printing presses massed produced books which was instrumental to learning. Chalkboards were mass manufactured in schools but they have now been replaced by white boards.

Other improvements include the typewriter (which also influenced the modern-day computer), the film projector and the photocopier. By the 1970s calculators emerged and by 80s computers were being used in at least 20% of all schools. Eventually the internet came and then applications. Did you know that teachers use certain EdTech apps to perform student assessments on a portfolio and individual improvement? EdTech apps really work for this purpose. Edudemic is an educational technology website that describes how technology helped to influence education throughout the years.

Education is very important and technology helps to facilitate this process. In today’s world; education technology includes tablets, laptops, mobile phones and virtual reality. Students can even write on digital chalkboards and notebooks. Technology is important to the world education and it is expanding at a rapid pace.


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